Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bench Warmers

Not sure why, but saw this horse getting unloaded down by the river as I was heading out for my run. Still there when I got back 35 mins later. A horse's life:
 Been trying to get a picture of this bench on our main street for several weeks, but, dang it, there's always somebody sitting on it! This morning, it was clear. It has a nice depiction of the buildings and the bridge:
 Nearing the end of three weeks of painting, the crew is on the last big face of the building across the street from our flat:
 Here's three of them going at once on the lift:
 They should have the upper stories done tomorrow. I'll be interested to see how the deal with the ground floor. We're guessing they do all the stuff that needs the lift (a rental) first, then all the stuff that doesn't need a lift.

The city installed this modern looking drinking fountain out on the main street (quite near the bench I pictured earlier). Given the heat, I'm sure it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood:
 I chatted with Emily this evening around 6pm my time (9am her time). You can see her new pet bunny, Benjamin:
 Went out for a quick gelato this evening. The street was hopping:
Tried "oreo" gelato, was not as good as my regular "brownie". Next time, going back to the brownie.