Thursday, January 24, 2019

Closets, closets, closets, closets

Today we worked on the two linen closets and one clothes closet:

We met with an estate lawyer, Kevin Baird, Lewes, DE to get some advice. Nice guy, very helpful. We stopped by my mom's bank to give them a copy of the death certificate. We stopped by the cable company to return some cable boxes etc.

This evening we went to my brother's house. We had take-out Chinese food and watched Oceans 8. Both were meh.

Upon returning home we realized that the carpet/furniture cleaners were coming tomorrow morning at 8am and sadly the floors and furniture were covered with unsorted clothing and linens. We scrambled around to clear all the surfaces and are now ready for the 8am appointment.

Laura made it back to Sevilla, tired, but intact. I'm driving up to Newark on Sat to catch my flight to Sevilla via Lisbon on Saturday evening.