Thursday, July 19, 2018

Immigration Office and Amazon is everywhere.

We successfully completed the next step of our year-long Spanish visa process. We presented ourselves at the immigration office and completed our application for a Spanish national ID card. There was a bit of a line when we got there, but the single person working at the office was kind and efficient and our 3 o'clock appointment was done around 3:30pm. We even got fingerprinted. The last step in the process is to pick up our ID cards. We go back to the same office on August 27th to pick up the cards. Then, the visa process that we started way back in January will be complete. Whew!

If you have Amazon prime in the US, free shipping to Spain is not a thing. However, if you login to, the Spanish version of Amazon, they have their own prime thing. Just to see how it worked, I signed up for a free month of prime for the Spanish site. I ordered a little tripod for my cellphone so I can take better pictures at night. I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon and the UPS guy dropped it off today, free shipping.  This packaging should look familiar:
 This evening, after Laura got back from her language class and had her dinner, we went down onto the street to try a classic spanish dessert, chocolate & churros:
 The churro was hot, so was the chocolate. Pretty tasty:
 In case you were wondering, this is what a Spanish mailbox looks like:
 Decided to take a few night shots with the cellphone on long exposure using the new tripod. Here's our bridge (the best bridge day or night):
 Here's part of Triana along the river:
 I'm looking forward to getting some low light shots of the fair that is supposed to begin on Saturday.