Monday, September 24, 2018

Back in Miami

Made it back to the US without much hassle, though a long 8.5 hr flight. Rachel picked me up at the airport and drove me to her place through busy Miami traffic like a pro. Went to a nearby burger place for dinner with Rachel and her friend Shubham. I had a good veggie burger. I also had a veggie burger for dinner last night in Madrid. I was left wondering if I was the first person to have veggie burgers on consecutive nights in Madrid and then Miami. Probably not. I am willing to state unequivocally that all occurrences of the aforementioned events have been after say 1950. So, even if it isn't a unique event, it is a relatively modern phenomenon.

As you can tell, I'm tired. I stayed awake through the whole flight and have managed to stay up until 10pm (as it is right now). Of course, 10pm here is 4am in Sevilla, so goodnight all!