Monday, January 14, 2019

Back in the US

This morning, Rachel and I got up bright and early to catch the airport bus at Plaza de Armas. We bade Laura farewell, hitched up our roller bags and hiked to the bus station. The bus was pretty quick, as was airport security in Sevilla, so we got to our gate with about an hour before boarding.

The Sevilla flight was on time to Madrid. We negotiated the maze of Madrid and got to our gate for the Miami flight with plenty of time to spare. The Madrid-Miami flight was pretty full and we didn't sit together. It was on time though. I sat next to a guy headed to Nicaragua. He didn't speak any English, so he was good Spanish practice for me. Nine hours later and a lot of reading and video watching later, we made it through customs in Miami and waited for our checked bags. While there we saw a cute little beagle sniffing bags for contraband fruit:

He actually sniffed out to apples that this poor guy bought at the Mercadona for snack on the flight. They took his passport and put him and his bags through the full inspection in a side room:

The beagle earned a tidbit as a reward from his handler (at least some of the federal employees here are getting paid, haha).

Shubham picked us up at the airport. We took him to Baja Fresh for dinner as a thank you:

Now I'm back at Rachel's trying to stay up until 10pm in an effort to adapt to the new time zone (6 hour difference from Sevilla).