Thursday, June 21, 2018

Nashville and Atlanta

Mostly a travel day today. We left our Horse Cave, KY campsite at around 8:30am.

We were able to have lunch with Annie Baker in Nashville at B.A.D. Nashville a low-key southern comfort food place. To prove this claim, Laura had an excellent catfish sandwich. I just went with a salad (which was also good). Annie seems to be doing well at her internship in Nashville this summer. She returns to Colorado School of Mines in the fall for her senior year where she will finish up an electrical engineering degree.

We also walked around Nashville a bit. As we walked up the main drag along Broadway, there were already country bands playing in bars at 11am. Would love to go back sometime and visit when we have more time and are able to do a little bar hopping.

After lunch, we drove to Atlanta and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Scott Bendzlowicz. It was great catching up with him. The food was really good and would certainly have held its own in Walla Walla.

After dinner, we traveled south along I-75 for another 50 miles or so and are now in a hotel along the highway. We're watching the Mariners play the Yankees and it's currently tied at 5-5 in the 9th inning. We're hoping to get to Laura's Mom's house in The Villages tomorrow in the mid-afternoon, so probably have to turn off the game and go to sleep now. Goodnight.