Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Villages

We're now in The Villages, FL staying at Laura's mom's house for a couple of days. The drive down was interesting. Google reported a massive backup on I-75 just north of The Villages, but for some reason didn't want to reroute us. On the fly, Laura installed Waze and it immediately dumped us off of I-75 and got us to our destination on back roads. By our estimate, Waze saved us at least an hour. Not sure what was going on with Google, but we're definitely going to consult Waze in future travel.

The Villages is a town in FL that is entirely built around retirees. The planning is done in such a way that neighborhoods surround recreation centers and are connected by walking and golf cart paths. It's very pedestrian friendly as a result, even though there are relatively few pedestrians.

Laura and I walked for about an hour this evening and saw a few notable sights. For example, this family of herons, adults on the outside, two juveniles in the middle:
 This group of ducks swimming in a golf course pond:

 And, a lovely sunset reflected in another pond:

We also had a chance to visit with Tom and Sassy (the little dog):
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the oil changed in the Honda and maybe get a SunPass for the toll roads we're going to encounter south of here as we head to Miami.