Friday, July 27, 2018

Lunar Eclipse

When I went out for my run this morning the take down of La Velá de Triana was well under way. The stage was gone with just trash in its wake:
The temporary beer & tapas tents were mere skeletons of their former selves:
Not to worry though, the 6 billion other brick and mortar beer & tapas places will be open, business as usual, tonight.

Fun surprise, this morning we heard what sounded like a multi-piece brass band playing:
Turns out a few enterprising young brass players were busking out on the main street here. They were "doing it their way", with police approval, or at least police indifference:
 They played for about an hour and were pretty good. God knows it's hard to find a good trumpet player.

After that, pretty typical day. Me math, Laura language school. This evening we went to Domino's of all places for pizza:
It was pretty good and not too expensive, just 6 euros for this medium pie that was enough food for Laura and me. We got drinks too, but we didn't really need to because outside the restaurant there is some "potable water":
We went home after dinner, but went back out to see the lunar eclipse. Lots of other folks here had the same plan. You can see them all lined up for the view along the bridge:
It was pretty. I managed few decent shots with my phone and its new tripod:

From the day-late-and-a-dollar-short desk, here are last night's festival videos. Some traditional style Andalusian music:
and the same performer accompanied by some traditional flamenco dancers:
This person was clearly very popular. There were young kids in the audience singing along getting every word. I think the performer's name was Maria de la Colina.