Friday, April 19, 2019

More visits along memory lane

We continued to visit places we used to go in Budapest today. The synagogue in our old neighborhood:

A visit to Margaret Island:

The fountain there is always entertaining. Here's a slo-mo:

The light gray building is our old building. Our flat, on the 4th floor isn't visible. We were on the back side:

We took the cog-wheel rail line up to the Children's Railroad. Here's the main terminal:

We didn't take the Children's Railroad. Instead, we hiked along some of the trails in the large park that the railroad tours:

Through the trees, you can glimpse the city:

Our trail took us towards the city. Instead of returning to the cog-wheel station, we just kept walking back to the city. We encountered this massive and old cemetary:

 We ended up on the subway back to the hotel. This closed Princess bakery is one of the saddest sights in all the world:

This temporary Easter candy stall at Deak ter was beautiful. Unfortunately, it was largely stocked with marzipan which neither Laura nor I really dig:

The city is like a different place at night, so we headed down to the river to see everything thing again bathed in their night lights. The little princess statue perched on a fence was always one of our favorites:

The Chain Bridge at night is iconic for Budapest:

 The Castle during the day and at night:

 This new piece along the river is a scattered collection of shoes (in bronze) to represent Jews that were executed along the banks of the Danube in Budapest during WWII. They were force to remove their shoes and summarily executed. Their bodies fell into the river to be carried away by the current: