Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Street Urchins

Mario left some adhesive felt to put on the feet of the desk he brought us a couple of days ago. We decided to just put the desk on a small piece of area rug, so felt not needed there. However, our dining room chairs make a lot of noise when sliding around on the tile floors, so we decided to use the felt squares on them instead:
So far, so good.

We went to the supermarket this morning--a daily ritual. Along the way, we scoped out the local post office.
It's a bit off the beaten path, but not far from the apartment. It's also quite new and modern--a step up from most of the drab, bureaucratic post offices in the US. More like a FedEx or Kinkos than a post office.

Since we always walk and carry our groceries back to the flat, we have to be careful about what and how much we buy. One way to control that is to not use the regular sized grocery carts, but instead just use the smaller baskets. The small baskets here are really nice. They have wheels and you pull them around by long handles:
You get the small size you're looking for, but you don't have to carry it around the store while you shop.

After shopping and lunch, Laura went to Spanish class and I stayed home and did math. I had another relatively productive afternoon. This evening I took the trash down to the bins and snapped a couple of pictures in the waning light. This is just the face of the building above the Triana Marketplace. I think it's just flats:
 This is a small chapel right at the foot of our bridge (on our side):
 This is looking across the river at Sevilla proper:

When Laura got home, we went around the corner to see who was playing on the stage this evening at the Triana festival. I have some video, but the phone is taking forever to upload it, so I'll post it here tomorrow.

When we got back to our building, the area around our entryway was occupied by this "scary" gang of kids. Apparently they get to play around in the alley while their parents enjoy the beer & tapas bar across the way: