Thursday, June 6, 2019

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Today I mostly worked on the revisions to my paper. Things are going along ok. I have some qualitative revisions that I'm trying to address. Since my revisions don't need to go back to the referees, I just need to do enough to convince the editor that I've thoughtfully considered and addressed the referees' comments. It's kind of an iterative process. Read the referee comments, read the paper, make some edits, repeat... At the same time, I have to document the revisions so that the editor can see the changes from the original submission and understand how they relate to specific referee comments.

I think by tomorrow I'll have made a first pass at each of the comments. Then I just need to polish.


Other than the gym and helping Laura carry the food she prepared for her school's potluck today to the school, I didn't really go out much. So not real photos. I have only my default photo of the city center take in the vicinity of the trash bins after taking out the trash: