Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Separation of church and state.

Separation of church and state is not really a thing here in Spain. The endless religious processions have been a strong hint at that as police regularly shut down roads all over the place to accommodate. If there was any doubt left, it was erased today when I saw the temporary altar erected on the back side of city hall today:

I guess the main feature of the Corpus Christi feast on Thursday is the Holy Eucharist. And, I guess you can't have Holy Eucharist without an altar to do the transubstantiation, so....

It's also amazing how many decorations the city must have in storage somewhere. For example these poles and banners sprouted overnight along the processional route:

Along with the altars, portadas, curtains, Christmas lights, bleacher, chairs and all the other crap.... erm, stuff, how do they keep it all organized and stored when not in use? I imagine that's a full time job for somebody (or several somebodies)


I finished another pass through my revision. I also improved a figure to make it more readable and smaller (a double bonus). I think one more quick pass tomorrow and it'll be ready to go back.

I started working on my convocation speech. That's going to be the next challenge for me I think. It's not going too quickly or smoothly.

I hit the gym and talked to Kathy on the phone for a while. Pretty normal day.