Monday, April 1, 2019

Home again.

 One last lovely sunrise from the hotel room:

We were up and out by about 8:30am this morning. Using our trusty 48 hour transit pass, we made our way on the L4 metro line down to the airport bus stop. Shortly, we discovered that this pass doesn't work on that particular airport bus (turns out its a private operation that only seems to be public transportation). We found out, however, that there is a public transportation bus to the airport, so Laura got on her phone and navigated us to that bus stop. A few stops on the L3 and we were back near where we were yesterday when we saw all the fountains in front of the art museum. We found the "public" airport bus stop and waited. In a few minutes the bus arrived and we made it down to the airport in plenty of time--squeezing every drop of value out of our soon to expire transit pass:

We arrived in Sevilla on time and with a THUMP. Our landing in Sevilla was easily that hardest landing I've ever experienced. We also landed in pouring down rain. We made our way to the bus to get downtown and home. Not long after we got on the bus, the rain slackened. By the time we got downtown, it was barely a drizzle.

We had a quick lunch and then off to our respective language classes. I did my oral presentation on a famous American family. I talked about Lloyd, Beau and Jeff Bridges. Mostly because I like Jeff Bridges. It went well with a few useful corrections by the teacher.

After class, I went home and did a bit of cleaning. Also, Mario dropped by with the final repaired chair.

The unusually damp/cool weather certainly dampened activity in the neighborhood. The street was unusually quiet this evening: