Friday, April 5, 2019

Some sun, some rain

The day started cloudy and cool. I did a timelapse of the sky this morning:

Happily, it cleared up this afternoon a bit for my walk. The preparation of the grandstands in Plaza de San Francisco for the processions of Semana Santa continues. Today, red velvet drapes were hung. I hope they're waterproof because it rained like heck later:

While it was still sunny, I snapped these flower photos along the river. Everything is in bloom:

This lean-to structure on the grounds of the public works building has always had vegetation growing on it. But here in the spring I see that a lot of it is flowering vegetation:

This evening I'm watching a live baseball game using my mlbtv subscription--Mariners at White Sox. I started off pretty ugly, 6-1 in the second, but as I write this in the 6th inning the Mariners are up 8-6. The Mariners have had a surprisingly good start to the season.