Wednesday, February 6, 2019

You've got mail.

We don't get much mail here, but in the past two days we've received 3 cards! Yesterday, we got a thank you note from my sister's family for Christmas. Today, I got two birthday cards, one from Betty and one from Jim. Jim's even had a lottery scratch-off in it (we didn't win, not sure what we'd have done with it if we did win):


Spanish class was interesting today. We had two new students. Judith, from Maine and Katie from Pittsburgh. At the end of class, Judith seemed to think it was too advanced for her, but Katie seemed ok with it.


When I got home from class, Carlos, our neighbor with two children, was fixing the lamp shade in the courtyard that one of his sons broke a couple of weeks ago with a ball. As I was passing by, he called out and asked if I wanted any oranges. I said sure! Turns out they recently purchased a small vacation home about 20km east Sevilla and there are some orange trees on the property. It's the time of year to collect oranges around here and Carlos has an abundance. He gave me a bag of oranges. I figured they might be good, but probably hard to peel and lots of seeds.

Boy was I wrong. These were pro-level oranges. Sweet, seedless and easy to peel. He could sell them in Walla Walla by the bushel. Of course, there's just the little problem of transportation and marketing. I'm glad he gave some to me.


Also on the way home, on the bridge (the best bridge), there was a guy playing an acoustic guitar with a background recording of Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. I love that song. I stopped and listened. He was quite a good player. Here's a bit of it: