Monday, May 13, 2019

Galilean Thermometer

This is a Galilean thermometer:

This column of liquid contains a few bubbles of different density. As the temperature drops, the bubbles float to the top. The lowest one at the top is the temperature. In this case, it's somewhat warm and only one bubble is at the top, 26 degrees centigrade.

I only mention this because, when we moved into the flat last July, there was a thermometer like this. Sometime in Feb, I knocked it over and broke it (it was a mess because the liquid inside is some kind of oil, luckily it only splashed on the tile floor). Regardless, I found a replacement today and this is it.


Spanish class resumed today. My listening was pretty good. My speaking still sucks. I got to do my presentation on things one should do if they visit Walla Walla. We didn't get to the other exercise where I find pictures around town that prohibit, recommend, or permit various activities. Although I only found one anyway:


Juli left around 2pm. She took an uber to the train station and a train to Madrid to spend a week with some other friends before returning to Walla Walla. Laura helped me to move my "office" back into the guest room. It's nice to be back in there--especially now that it's getting hot. The guest room has an air conditioner: