Saturday, July 21, 2018

La Velá de Triana

Laura went on an extended field trip to Costco (yes, there's a Costco here, the only one in Spain). It's about 7km from here, so she got there via a combination of walking and using the bike share. She didn't get much, but she was able to verify that our US membership works here in Spain. She also noted a few items that are hard to find around our flat like bagels, chocolate chips (for cookies) etc.

I stayed home. I had already been out for my run and was more interested in a relaxing day on the couch, haha. I did actually get some groceries in for us to tide us over Sunday when all the stores are closed. I used the bike share to get to our go to market, Mercadona, which is about 1 km from the flat. I also did some of the weekly cleaning of the flat, vacuuming, toilet etc.

Laura made some refried beans out of pinto beans yesterday. (Refried beans are another thing that you can't find easily here.) I had bean burritos for lunch (tortillas are easy to find) and they were pretty good. With the rest of the pinto beans, Laura made chili. We had that for dinner and it too was very good.

Laura and I went back to the Mercadona this evening to pick up a couple of things. On the way home we saw this fancy horse and carriage:
You do tend to see these a lot on the Sevilla side, but not too often on the Triana side. Also, not this fancy. We noticed that there was a wedding going on a couple of blocks down the street and surmised that this carriage was heading to that event.

The official start of La Velá de Triana was at midnight. Laura and I just went out to see the bridge lighting. It's really busy out there, lot's of people. Pictures are still uploading and I'm going to bed. Will post pictures tomorrow.