Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I like to watch series on Netflix that are produced in Spain. I watch them with English subtitles. It's a chance to hear Spanish at speed and to try to pick up as much meaning as possible on the fly, but to have the subtitles as a backup. It takes concentration.

Today I found a series called Money Heist. It's actually the most popular foreign produced Netflix series in the US. It's produced here in Spain and entirely in Spanish. I started watching the first episode, but noticed that there were no English subtitles available. On a hunch, I fired up the Whitman VPN to make Netflix think I was watching from within the US and suddenly the English subtitles were available. I can't even imagine what kind of licensing black magic is happening behind the scenes to make this happen. (Gotta love copyright lawyers!) At least I have a workaround now.


Another lovely evening along the river. People were gathered as usual along the river as I went out for my run:

Not sure how I'm gonna cope with winter next year.