Monday, July 30, 2018

Absentee Ballot

My absentee ballot for the WA primary arrived today:
 The primary is Aug 7th. I mailed the ballot back this afternoon. I hope it gets there in time.

Another clear day. I walked south along the river this morning. Much like Miami, Sevilla has a feral cat population. Here's a few of them hanging out down by the river this morning:

They're all really thin. I imagine they spend a lot of time hungry.

I walked far enough south to see the really big bridge:
There were also the usual rowing teams working out:
And the usual worker doing repairs to cobblestone streets:
Near the end of my walk, I took yet another picture of the Triana side of the river:

We went to the grocery store at noon. The grocery store is always crowded on Mondays. I guess it's because of the pent up demand of everything being closed on Sunday.

I had a good afternoon with math.

The weather is supposed to get much warmer.

The city seems a little less busy as August vacations approach. Or maybe it's just my imagination.