Monday, July 9, 2018

It's Monday, back to work

I went on a few errands this morning with Laura. We passed the tallest building in Sevilla, which, according to Palma, is an office tower on the bottom and a hotel and restaurant on the top 12 floors:
 We scoped out the bike-share program here. There are a lot of pick-up and drop-off stations around town. The cost is quite low at 33 euros/year. We'll probably sign up.
 We got passport photos in preparation for our final, in-country, visa paperwork on July 19th. Along the way, this church bell started ringing, not sure why, haha:
This afternoon was a normal workday for me. I worked a bit on machine learning:
and started carefully reading a paper called, Acceleration schemes for computing centroidal Voronoi tessellations by Du, Qiang and Emelianenko, Maria. It has some nice background for a problem I'm working on.

I'm afraid as I settle into my work, that this blog may get pretty boring, but we'll see. I may surprise myself.