Sunday, November 11, 2018


Deciduous trees drop their leaves in the Fall and regrow them in the Spring. I suspected that there were a few deciduous trees here in Sevilla, but this morning, as I walked along the overgrown side of the river, I saw a group of trees that were clearly dropping their leaves:

It will be interesting to see when the leaves regrow.


Sevilla started putting up the municipal Christmas lights. These are over the square at the end of our main street. There are strands of lights in trees along the streets and in several of the bigger squares around town. None were lit as we walked around this evening. For the moment, I think it's just a process of installation. The lighting probably won't be for a couple more weeks:

This evening the door to the parish inside the cathedral was open. The cathedral is a huge tourist attraction, but it has a functioning Catholic congregation within as well. The "church" is actually separated from the rest of the cathedral, but still inside. It's essentially a church within a church. Regardless, though I have visited the cathedral, I've never visited the parish church. It's impressive and just as ornate as the cathedral it is housed in:


There was a nice sliver of moon this evening above Triana as we returned from an evening walk:

Also, there's a bit of a chill in the air in the evenings. All of the street cafes have outdoor heaters of various types. These open columns of flame are common. They look interesting in slow motion: