Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Continuing to get to know my centroid problem. Worked a couple of interesting and confirming examples this morning.

I tried to use the pen on my Dell tablet today, but the batteries were dead. This pen takes 1 AAAA battery and 2 319 batteries. Neither of them seem to be available in the stores around here, so I ordered them on The pen on my surface still works, so I'll just stick with that for now. It does suggest that the pen issues I had with my Dell earlier may have simply been low batteries. We'll see.

I did a little extra Spanish today since it's a class day. We had 3 students today (including me), so much more like a normal class. I like this teacher, she's not afraid to correct you. The teacher I had last semester was much more lenient. I think I learn better when somebody is correcting me in real time.

I went to the grocery story today for the first time since getting back to Spain. Laura had prepared a lot of meals over the weekend before I got here, so we were pretty well stocked for a bit. Now it's back to the more normal pattern of shopping every day.

It was rainy this afternoon. Here's an uncharacteristically gloomy picture of the river:

After dinner, I decided to have one of my Christmas beers--a Blue Moon. A nice change of pace from the usual Cruzcampo:

There's an interesting advertising campaign down at the river. Projectors are shining across the river to paint these movie posters on the Triana bank:

The images are remarkably clear for a projection across maybe 200 meters. My shadow was razor sharp:

I read another chapter of Factfulness. The lesson of the evening is to not assume that data can be projected forward linearly. If that were the case, your cute children that grew so quickly in their first years would be 20 feet tall when they graduated from high school. He goes on to note that the world population growth has already leveled off and that the actual population will level off by about 2100 at about 11 billion. After that, it's likely to begin to drop.