Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Life in a Swimming Pool

Today was pretty low-key. I worked on a manuscript most of the day. Hoping to submit something by the end of the month. Also finished a datacamp course on data visualization with python. I took a break at 4 for my spanish class. We did some vocabulary and worked on the verb gustar and responses. For example, if you agree with a positive statement like me gustan manzanas you might say a mi tambien. But, if you agree with a negative statement like no me gustan manzanas you would say a mi tampoco. In english it would be like me too vs. me neither. Never really thought about that in english before. Funny, after all that, I still screwed it up in class when called on today, haha.


Laura works harder on spanish each day than I do on my research (not joking). She does spanish essentially all day every day:

She may not be fluent when this is over, but she'll have learned about as much as one could in the span of a year.


The scaffolding that the painters put up in the courtyard yesterday was used today by a worker to clean the walls in preparation for painting. The bleach solution that he used made the entire building smell like a swimming pool area. I guess we'll just have to get used to it since he knocked off at about 3pm and it still smells right now at 10pm. Luckily, it doesn't really penetrate the flat. I just hits you when you go out into the hallway.