Friday, May 10, 2019

High noon

The sun as the season advances it gets warmer every day here and the sun reaches a little further into the courtyard of our building:


Today was not a super productive day. I read a bit more of The New Childhood but also gave up on it. Too much opinion, not enough rigor. I also spent a bit of time with All of Statistics, but am still stuck on a couple of exercises. Concentration wasn't the best today because I didn't sleep too well the previous night. I don't usually suffer from pollen allergies, but I must have a bit more congestion at night that's making a bit tough to sleep well.


I ate leftovers for dinner before a Laura got home from class (which is typical for me). However, when Laura and Juli got home, they decided to go out to dinner. I went with them and had a couple of beers while they dined. We went to a small local place near the Mercadona called Meson de Candil. The service was particularly good. As I mentioned I only had beer, but Laura and Juli reported that the food was pretty good:

One highlight was a large group apparently returning from a day at la feria. We all enjoyed observing the "kids' table" here featuring 4 girls in their flamenco dresses.