Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tram Routes

After somewhat underestimating the utility of Sevilla's one and only tram line (Laura discovered it actually goes a little further than I thought), I decided to walk its length this morning (which already calls into question its utility). The plus side of this was to get a better understanding of where the tram goes and to see a part of the city that I hadn't yet explored. This is the entire extent of the line (marked on the map in red) about 2km. There are plans to extend it in both directions. I guess ya gotta start somewhere:

During my walk, one of the trams photo bombed me:

Sights from along the way. The benches integrated into the Triana river wall have built in iron arm rests that also carry the iconic circles associated with the Triana bridge (I mentioned this a couple posts ago):

 One of many large buildings associated with the University of Sevilla:
 A dog with wheels at the Jardines de Murillo:
 Yet another monument to Christopher Columbus:
 One of many gates that lead into different parts of the gardens:
 A wall surrounds the entire grounds:
 I like how there are arbors all around the city that provide shaded walkways:
 I met these two friendly dogs while walking with Laura to her language class: