Friday, January 4, 2019

El Heraldo Real

The build up for the Epiphany on Jan 6th continues. Today we visited a parade near the Cathedral that heralds the coming of the three kings. In this event, the kings receive the keys to the city of Sevilla--presumably so they can deliver presents to all the good children. As children send letters to Santa Claus in the US, children here write letters to the kings. Children along the parade route today dropped their wish lists into a receptacle carried along in the parade:

Along with the usual marching bands:

People on horses tossed candy to the crowds. I gave what I managed to catch to kids around me in the crowd, but I kept one for documentary purposes (it was pretty good too):

If you have a sharp eye, you'll see a large number of Balthazar's bedouins wearing black face again:

After the parade, street sweepers followed--picking up unclaimed candy I suppose: