Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Today we started a quick overnight trip to Granada, about 200km east of Sevilla. We have guided tour of the Alhambra tomorrow. Today was mostly dedicated to getting to Granada, by bus. We left Sevilla at 10am:

We arrived right on time in Granada about 3 hrs later. Laura found us a nice airbnb near the center. We're on the top floor of our building and we have a great patio. The weather was clear and cool. Here you can see the mountains and the Alhambra area beyond the nearby buildings:

Just to get the lay of the land we walked around a bit. Here is the river the comes out of the aforementioned mountains:

Here's Emily:

Here's an old (19th century) bridge over the river:

We got back to the airbnb around 6:30pm. The sunset lit up the view from the balcony:

We had a nice dinner out and then played a card game. Our tour is tomorrow, then back to Sevilla on the bus.