Thursday, November 29, 2018

El Jueves

As has become my habit lately, I joined Laura on her school's weekly "cultural activity". This week we walked over to el mercadillo el jueves. This is an outdoor bazaar every Thursday on calle Feria. The street is closed for the event. If you have ever been to a flea market in the US, then you have a very clear idea of what this market is:

Of course, when I finally kick the bucket and Laura and/or the girls need to clear all of my crap out of the garage/house, their yard sale will definitely have a section that looks like this–old bike parts:

I also spotted this very peculiar picture of Jesus. At one angle, his eyes are closed, at another angle they are open, very strange:

After looking at other people's crap for a while, we went to the oldest indoor market in Sevilla–el Mercado de Feria. It has been a functioning market since the Roman empire (around 2000 years now):

I was particularly struck by this stall which purported to offer that classic food combination of bananas and fried chicken! The only worker in the joint was looking at his phone. I'm sure we were just lucky to catch him during a lull. Probably not in the ancient Romans' wildest dreams did they imagine such a food stand. Though, I'm certainly less ancient and I still have a hard time imagining it.