Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New Chair

Preparation for house guests continues. In terms of seating arrangements in the living room, we have two broad choices. The couch (which may be the most uncomfortable couch every) and the chairs around the dining room table (actually more comfortable than the couch). Realizing that those were crappy options for when we have visitors, we ordered a chair from Amazon.es. It came today and I put it together with no real issues. It's not bad. We'll see how it does over the next few days:

Also, it rocks-literally. It's a rocking chair.


The painters are back in the building this week doing some detail work. They knocked on the door this afternoon and started speaking spanish. I had nothing, but luckily Laura was there. She understood them pretty well. They wanted to look at the shutters outside of our front windows. They were wondering if they needed to be painted from within the flat or whether they would be able to paint them from outside. They seemed to determine that they would not have to disturb the sanctity of our home to do the job. Everyone was pleased. I was also impressed at how Laura understood and talked to them. All that work is really paying off in her improved language skills.