Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Night Pizza

Another Friday, another pizza place. Although this place, trattoria pizzeria La Bambina, is more of an Italian restaurant. In keeping with getting out of the tourist areas, this is about 2.5km from our flat, but worth the walk. We had pizza, but definitely want to go back and try the other Italian dishes there:
You can tell the food was good because I almost missed it with my camera.

La Bienal continues and on the way home we stopped near the cathedral and watched a dance performance. I have some video, but as per usual, it's still uploading, so tomorrow... I did take a few long exposure shots of some of the surrounding square and the trip over to the square from the restaurant. This is a firehouse:
 This is the square where the dance was happening. The chandelier is new:
 Here's a long exposure down one of the main tourist streets as the tram goes by:
 Here is a picture of the next bridge down from our bridge (the best bridge). It's called Puente San Telmo:

As promised, here are some of the videos from the opening of la Bienal last night. Lots of excited rowers:
Some famous flamenco singer, but I don't know who:

A little bit of the flash mob flamenco people all around us: