Saturday, December 8, 2018

Bridge Slide

This is La Puente de Alamillo, or as I usually call it, "the phallic bridge". It has an interesting feature at the base of its most prominent feature.

The "prominent feature" slopes down to join a pedestrian walkway. I've often looked at that sloping feature at the bottom and thought it would be fun to climb up and slide down. This morning, I saw a bunch of kids doing just that. Here's a video from afar:


Emily found a recipe for chana masala last week. It looked so good, so Laura made some for me today:

It was pretty spicy, but really hit the spot. Plus, there's enough leftover for lunch tomorrow.


We walked over to Alameda de Hercules to see what we could see with respect to holiday activities. It was a happening place. Lots of vendors, ice skating, kids everywhere. This caught my eye (and several other eyes based on the line):

From there, we caught the bus out to Costco to pick up a few things. We're back now and in for the evening.