Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Day

Marge was up and out relatively early today. She caught the bus to the airport at about 9am this morning. She made it to the airport on time. We haven't heard anything since, but assume she's well on her way to Madrid where tomorrow she catches a flight back to Walla Walla. Really nice person. Fun getting to know her.


May 1st is a national holiday in Spain (and in much of Europe). It's the equivalent of Labor Day in the US. With the lovely weather and thd day off, folks were out in droves today. All the cafes were packed.

I went to the gym today and had the place to myself. (Like I said, the cafes were packed, haha.)


Taking the trash out this evening, when I happened upon a bit of commotion in our courtyard. A couple of neighbor kids trying to catch a dragonfly perched on the wall:

Ultimately, they succeeded. Dragonfly safely ensconced in ziploc bag:


After dropping the trash in the bin, we stopped for brownie helado at Villar:

This was a bit of a reward for finally submitting my paper today. Tomorrow I have to task switch. I'm going to dig back down into some data science for a while.