Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Space Invaders

I spent a bit of time writing a one-dimensional cellular automaton generator in P5JS. We're signed up to do a tile painting class when my sister gets here the week after next. I thought it might be interesting to paint a one-dimensional cellular automaton on mine:

Admittedly, it looks a bit like a space invader, but I have some time to tweak it a bit. This is actually just the very tip of this fuller 1DCA:

which is definitely more interesting, but I'm not sure I could paint something like this on a 10cm x 10cm tile.


Another hot day here in Sevilla. I took a picture of the Corpus Christi gate again:

not as ornate (or as large as the feria gate), but coming along nicely. They have until June 20th to get it worked out, so I think they'll be fine.