Friday, July 6, 2018

Explorations continue, trash is complicated.

This morning we walked into a slightly different section of Sevilla and added the Catedral de Sevilla to our list of things todo. Here's a passing shot that does not do it justice.
We also saw the Fuente de Hispalis:
and the Fuente Generacion del 27:
We've been into this area several times now and we're still finding vast areas of unexplored territory.

We also finally visited the Mercado de Triana (the market around the block). This looks like the go to place for a lot of our produce and meat shopping:
They even have sweet onions, though not from Walla Walla, haha:
In Spanish, "cebolla" means onion, and "dulce" means sweet.

After returning home, I set about doing some math while Laura made sure she knew the way to her language class on Monday. I have to say I had a great time reading papers and learning about machine learning.

I used Google Voice to put in a call to my sister Jo-Anne to wish her a happy birthday. We had a good talk. I was pleased with how well GV worked. It lets me call US numbers for free over the internet connection in our flat. Unless something changes, I'll continue to use that to call folks in the US.

We went out again this evening to dispose of our trash. Don't worry it was after 8pm, so it was ok. Here are the trash cans where local residents are supposed to drop their trash:
From left to right: in the maroon/gray, used textiles (i.e. old clothing); in the yellow, plastic, cans and cartons; in the green, glass; in blue, cardboard and paper; in the grey, everything else. The attention to recycling is admirable. Interestingly, one may only bring trash to these bins after 8pm. If you are caught putting trash in before 8pm, you will be fined.

We also walked a ways west for the first time. There it becomes much less touristy and more just Sevillians being Sevillians. We found a small shop with inexpensive housewares and checked a couple of items off of our todo list: ice cube tray, trash can for the bathroom, bathroom scale, and pitcher (for iced tea). We actually kind of borderline had a conversation with the clerk there in Spanish.