Friday, August 3, 2018

Tapas Culture

First, Cheetos kinda suck here (I know, most of your are like, "Duh, they suck everywhere.") On a whim, I bought this bag of Cheetos yesterday. They're like air with a bit of salt added. When you eat them, they kind of evaporate like cotton candy, but also kind of glue themselves to your teeth. Won't be going there again:
Took a walk into Sevilla this morning before the heat really built up. Ran into the "mushroom" sculpture again:
I also came across a nice little park with a statue commemorating a flamenco guitarist named NiƱo Ricardo:

Later, I walked with Laura to her class and then went to the post office to mail a couple more postcards. The heat was really on, 43 degrees Celsius! I had a lot of sympathy for the horses outside the cathedral in the tourist area. I hope they get a lot of water and rest:
I passed by this store:
for those hard to find American products, like Cheerios!

This evening, we went to a tapas bar called Blanca Paloma recommended by Palma. It was a bit off the beaten path, so not many tourists, but a friendly waiter detected our American-ness and brought us an English language menu, haha:
Laura and I have discovered that 3 tapas seems to be just right for the two of us. Well, 3 tapas and some beer:
I have to say, eating dinner at 9pm was not a thing for me in Walla Walla, but here it just seems normal now. Walking home this evening after dinner, it was still 39 degrees out there, whew! I think that's what really gets to people this time of year--it doesn't really cool off at night, there's no relief.

The tapas bar across the street from our flat was happening tonight too. Here's a patron and his dog:
Thinking of doing another photo series on city dogs. There are a lot of dogs here.