Monday, March 11, 2019

Making Figures

Did a load of laundry and mopped the flat today. The floors in the flat are all tile. Easy to clean, but for someone like me, whose feet are always cold anyway, tile in the winter has been a challenge. I wear slippers most of the time, but still tend to get chilled when I'm inside for a while. That said, we're getting to the point in the spring here where being chilly won't be a problem. It was 80 degrees and sunny today. It's still chilly in the evening. My goto move when I'm cold is to close the door in my study (secretly the second bedroom) and turn on the heater. Then, I put up my hoody and I'm pretty good:


In math today, I spent the day trying to convince matplotlib to make some nice figures for the paper I'm writing. I figured out how to render nice rectangles and polygons with dark boundaries and nice light grey interiors. For some reason, this is somewhat challenging in matplotlib, but it's worth it because they look professional and I'm able to use LaTeX fonts for labels etc so they integrate well into the paper with respect to look and feel.


I had Spanish class today. One of the challenges I've been having recently in there is that recently two students that are way more advanced than me, have joined the class and now the teacher is mostly pitching to them. It's still useful, but things move too quickly for me to meaningfully contribute. On the plus side, this has caused me to reflect on my own teaching and to think about whether I may be guilty of this same issue when there are strong math students in the class.