Friday, April 12, 2019

Pasión y Muerte

One of the first processions of this Easter week happened in our neighborhood this evening:

I suppose the most striking thing about these processions are the costumes of the cofradias. Though the video is not very good, you can see people in dark robes with pointed hats. Unfortunately, they resemble the KKK in the United States even though these folks started using this garb centuries before the KKK (or even slavery) existed in North America.

As processions go, this one was low-key and doesn't go to the cathedral. Just a preliminary before the main processions starting Sunday and going through Easter week (a.k.a. semana santa).


Another work day today, much like yesterday. I studied basic statistics this morning--doing some exercises related to probability density function and cumulative distribution functions. This afternoon I finished the last major section of my paper. I realized that I needed one more figure for that last section, so I'm spending some time tomorrow getting that ready.


I scoped out the gym near Laura's school today, but it doesn't quite have what I need. The only cardio equipment they have are treadmills. I'm looking for ellipticals or stairclimbers, so I'm going to keep searching.