Saturday, December 1, 2018

Silver Polish

Today marks our 5th month in Spain. In some ways it seems fast and in some ways it seems like we've always lived here.


We had nice weather today. You know what that means! Laundry. Two loads. All dry and folded now. We also had our usual grocery shop. And Laura did a bit extra by going up to Costco on the bus to get a few things.

We both went to the mall to see if we could buy a pillow (one of the pillows is kind of hard to sleep on). We discovered that the Primark has suitable pillows, but decided not to brave the line at checkout, but, rather, come back sometime mid-week during mid-day when there will be fewer people.

There were lines everywhere. I guess Christmas shopping is in full swing now. This line to get into the base of the Seville Tower (Sevilla's only skyscraper) extended for nearly the length of the mall:

Many people in the line were holding what appeared to be boxed set dvd's or cd's with the name "Ailana" on the front. So maybe it was some kind of celebrity signing event? I looked up "Ailana" on google later, but nothing really seemed to match.

On the way home, along the river, we passed one of the catholic brotherhood halls (one of the organizations that does the processions around town that I've written about previously). The doors were open and younger folks were polishing the silver adornments for the floats. I guess there's another procession coming up:

We do have the Immaculate Conception on Dec 8th. And, of course, there's Christmas in a few weeks.