Friday, June 22, 2018

It's Florida

I started the day with a run. Because of the transition to Spain where I'm not sure what my regular exercise opportunities will be, I've started building up my running. Because I'm older and would like to protect my knees and back, I'm using a minimalist approach to running. I have a pair of minimalist running shoes that have very little cushioning. The idea is to let the foot feel more of the road. As the body reacts to minimize the impact on the foot, the gait shortens and heal strike is minimized. This should reduce the impact of running. I've also been building up very gradually. I currently run about 3 miles in 30 mins, though today I did 3 miles in 28 mins.

By the time I got out this morning, it was 82 degrees and about 95% humidity. Even though I'm not really running that hard, I got back pretty much drenched in sweat. Not like running back in WW where the humidity is so low and it's actually kind of cool in the mornings throughout the summer. I wonder what it will be like in Seville?

Laura went to watch Sharron play tennis this morning. She ended up playing in the place of one of the women that was suffering in the heat. Sounds like Laura enjoyed herself. At one point she ran around a backhand and her partner let her know that "we don't run that fast in these games." Haha.

I stayed home with Tom. Did the laundry and read a little bit. Pretty relaxing.

We went to one of the many clubhouse restaurants here in The Villages for lunch. We ate on the patio and got a bit wet from a passing rainstorm.

Here Sharron is trying to unstick her wet hair:
 The waitress was kind enough to snap a group photo:
After lunch, Sharron took their dog, Sassy, to the vet for her annual checkup. Sassy is 9 years old and passed with flying colors:

Given all of the miles we've put on the Honda recently, I took it up to Walmart for an oil change. They were quick and pretty inexpensive.

Having eaten out for both dinner and lunch consecutively, we decided to eat the stuff in the doggie bags building up in the fridge for dinner. After dinner, we played Phase 10, Tom won. Thanks Sharron for doing a realistic game pose:
Laura and I went for a walk around the neighborhood after the game. We listened to the Mariners sucking it up against the Red Sox. When we left, the M's were winning 10-5. When we got back 45 mins later, they were winning 10-9. As of right now, the M's are losing 14-10, which more closely resembles a football score than a baseball score. As is typical in Florida in the summer, it's still pretty hot and humid here at 10pm. Laura and I are hoping to dry off a bit before going to bed. Goodnight.