Sunday, May 26, 2019

San Sebastian to Pasajes

This morning we took a bus (1.5 hrs) to the town of San Sebastian about 100km east of Bilbao. We found an article about a hike from there to the next town, Pasajes, about 5km further to the east. Other than the damp weather which made some of the trail pretty slippery, it was a beautiful hike along the coast. After a sharp initial climb, we were rewarded with a nice view of San Sebastian:

Further along the trail, we had frequent glimpses of the coast and the Bay of Biscay which lies off of the northern coast of Spain:

The area we walked had numerous intersecting trails.

Eventually, we figured out we needed to follow the white/red bars. Once we realized that, we found that the trail was pretty clearly marked the whole way:

There were a lot of nice flowers along the trail:

Dropping down into the town Pasajes, we needed to take this water taxi across the inlet:

 It was only .8 euro and was pretty quick:

From Pasajes, we took the bus back to San Sebastian. We had a late lunch, wandered around a bit. Visited the beach:

And headed back to the bus station for the bus back to Bilbao. At one point, Laura noted we were 5 degrees removed from home: Walla Walla, Sevilla, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Pasajes. Tomorrow we wind that back down to 1 degree with a flight back to Sevilla.