Friday, August 10, 2018

Mexican Food

Today is a mostly picture-driven affair. This colorful awning stood out to me in the morning sun this morning after my run along the river:
 Also, the air was so clear:
 This old BMW motorcycle outside the market was cool:
 Cruzcampo is the Budweiser of Spain. This truck was stocking a bar in advance of the Friday night rush:
 We found a Mexican restaurant and decided to try it out. It was a sort of tapas style place, but pretty good. Plus side, had a Negra Modelo (or 2). Really missed good Mexican beer (which is ubiquitous in Walla Walla). The inside of the place was quit colorful:

 This sculpture outside of Laura's language school is an awesome homage to the avid reader:
 Doing some random walking around town today and came upon this tiny street. Really beautiful:
 After dinner tonight we were scoping out menus of other restaurants for future reference. For only 7.50 euros you can have "Chocolate with Chocolate and Chocolate". Not sure what they're getting at, but I'm in! (Also, this reminds me of the Monty Python "spam" sketch.)
 We saw this local newscaster doing an on-site newscast. Funny how they only dress from the waist up (though in this heat, I can hardly blame them).
 Finally, speaking of heat, this little guy was slowly melting on the sidewalk. I dearly wish this photo was of better quality. Legs fully splayed: