Saturday, November 24, 2018

Yet Another Procession

This evening a procession went right down our street. The close up view we had from our front windows was really interesting. We were really able to see the "paseo", the religious float up close. In fact, they paused right in front of our building for a shift change in which about 30 tired men emerged from underneath the float to be replaced 30 fresh bodies. In this video, you can see the new crew roughly hoist the float up and continue the march:

We had no advanced warning. I'm glad that Emily and Renee were still in the flat when it went by. It was a real glimpse at a uniquely Sevillan cultural event. The band was really good too. Very brassy, with an almost New Orleans like looseness:


This morning was perhaps the coldest temperature of the year. There was heavy fog on the river:

The installation of Christmas lights continues throughout the city.

The lights haven't been turned on yet. According to folks at Laura's language school and other sources, the city will begin using the lights next Friday.


The fridge is full of leftovers now. No cooking for Laura for a few days.

Emily and Renee fly back to Casablanca tomorrow morning from the Sevilla airport. They'll need to leave the flat around 6:30am to get to the airport in a timely fashion. It's been fun spending time with them. They'll both be back in their classrooms on Monday morning.