Saturday, November 3, 2018

Esperanza de Triana

It's been a big week for La Hermandad de la Esperanza de Triana. It's the 600th anniversary of the founding this Catholic organization. The peak of the commemoration has been the procession of Nuestra SeƱora de la Esperanza. On Thursday an 8 hour procession brought the statue to the Catedral in downtown Sevilla. The culmination of that procession is the entrance of her float into the Catedral. This video shows that event (not mine, I was sleeping).

Today, the procession taking her back home to Triana passed along our main street. We didn't have the best view, but from our balcony we probably saw more than if we'd been down on the street. Here's the view of our street, perpendicular to the main street, from our balcony.

You can see the leading edge of the paso (float) holding the statue. It's massive and carried by about 30 men in shifts throughout the procession.

There were tapestries and banners all along the procession route. We walked the Triana part of the route earlier today:

Crowds started building on the bridge:

This tall building on the left is the home of the statue and the brotherhood:

The hanging streamers mark the places where the procession will pass. The anchors hanging there represent the fact that this brotherhood was founded by mariners in the 15th century.

This is the main street about an hour prior to the arrival of the procession from across the river:

There was a full band accompanying the procession. They would stop and play at intervals. They were quite good. There were also professional level fireworks coming from the top of some nearby, but unidentified building. Crowds cheered. I set up my phone to do a timelapse of the crowd exodus after the procession passed:

And, this morning:

Here's a before and after of the main street, perpendicular to our street:


The rest of the day was relatively relaxed. We went grocery shopping. We also did a cursory shopping expedition for slippers. Turns out the tile floors in the apartment really start to suck the heat out of your feet in the cooler weather. I've taken to keeping my feet on a pillow when I'm sitting on the couch. It actually helps a lot.