Saturday, August 11, 2018


Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. It started for me with a walk along the river. This time, I really wanted to map out the path that lines our side of the river. Up until now, we've only used the path across the river. Turns out, it's pretty nice, but this time of year, being relatively unshaded, it's substantially warmer. I can see using it a lot in the winter when the warmth will be something to be sought. Here are a few pictures. One fun thing about the path on this side is it runs along a floating section that's actually out on the river:
 A few ducks floated next to the "path":
 Still need to figure out why this lock system is here:
This afternoon, Laura and I went to the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo. There were several large shows. And, according to the calendar, there will be 4 new installations during the year that we're here. Bonus, turns out admission is free on Saturdays, so we'll definitely be going back.

The modern art juxtaposed with the 15th century monastary buildings leftover from the Monasterio de la Cartuja is such a contrast. Triana, where we live, is known for its ceramics, the primary source of clay for the Triana potters was this monastary which was purposefully erected on a major clay deposit. The old kilns are still there today:
The old chapels, crypts and gardens provide a wonderful ambience for the art:

The exhibits were interesting and thought provoking too. I was particularly moved by this piece showing two ebola workers carrying an ebola-infected boy:
Other pieces that caught my eye:

Here's an anniversary selfie:
And finally, yet another statue of Christopher Columbus on the grounds of the museum: