Sunday, October 21, 2018

Now Is The New Later

The title of this post is from a t-shirt Laura and I saw on our travels today. For whatever reason, the wearing of t-shirts with random English phrases on them is a thing here. Usually, they're pretty inane phrases, but we both liked this one--in spite of the fact that it is also inane.


Emily made it back to Santa Barbara in one piece and reunited with her pet bunny Benjamin. She's exhausted and dealing with a 10 hour time change, but she's young, she'll deal, haha. She has her final PhD qualifying oral exam on Fri, so it'll be a stressful week for her.

Talked to Rachel today. She's getting her first PhD prelim paper together, already cleaning up a draft. She's also working on a "citizen science" project in one of her classes this semester (actually her only class this semester). We had some fun chatting about it today. It's actually based on an idea that Laura came up with a couple of weeks ago.


Sunny today. Managed to do two loads of laundry using the clotheslines on the roof to dry the clothes. During the week, when the workers are about, we have to use our indoor clothes rack. Clothes usually take most of the day to dry when indoors. When they're on the roof though, they usually get dry in about 90 minutes. Since we didn't get the second load up there until around 6:30pm, we kind of ran out of daylight and had to take them in early and a bit damp. Also, there was this random swarm of insects that decided to occupy the roof. They were kind of "flying ants". There were thousands of them up there. We had to spend a bit of time making sure we didn't bring any back into the flat when we brought in the second load. A couple did make it in, but it could've been worse.

All the clothes are mostly dry now. Even the sheets on the bed. The bed's made and just waiting for me to jump in.


We went to a Mexican tapas place on the Alameda this evening. The tapas were basically just varieties of corn tortilla tacos.

But, they were all good. The walk over and back was nice. It was pretty mild today. The expected rain never really showed up. The Alameda is kind of off the beaten path for mainline tourists. It has a couple of actual Roman columns at one end of the plaza:


The sky was lovely this evening as we took down that second, still damp, load of laundry from the roof: