Monday, May 20, 2019

Pint of Science

Shot this timelapse of the full moon rising over Sevilla the other night. Sadly, I still haven't figured out how to get the gopro to focus the moon. I think I need a neutral density filter. Anyway, it's still kind of pretty:


These guys have been busking this week in our neighborhood. They're pretty good:


Today is Day 1 of the worldwide "Pint of Science" event. This is an annual effort to organize scientific talks in bars around the world. Palma let us know about the event going on at her sister's bar. Laura and I went this evening to see a math talk:

It's clear that things are aligned properly when I can watch someone talk about countable and uncountable infinities and drink a beer at the same time:

 Watch out Walla Walla, we're doing this next year.


Laura and I did a bit more souvenir searching this morning. In this ceramic shop around the corner, you can order custom painted tiles. This fellow was working on one such commission:

We're slowing converging on a few items. I think we're going to mail them home.


The weather was lovely today. The sky was so blue above the buildings:

Standard operating procedure in European cities is using bollards to separate streets from sidewalks. I liked how this street used basic cannon balls as bollards:

It's like they had an artillery exchange here a long time ago and instead of cleaning up the balls, just lined the streets with them instead.