Monday, March 18, 2019

Making Movies

We made it back to Sevilla in one piece and on time today. We left our hotel this morning at around 6:15am and walked to the bus station to catch the bus to the airport. We had a minor scare when the building we thought was the bus station was closed and dark. But, a quick lap around the building and we found all the buses out front on the street. We found the airport bus and felt like we had plenty of time for the 45 min ride to the airport. Unfortunately, the traffic to the airport seemed unusually heavy. At one point, the bus driver called her dispatcher and asked for and received permission to skip all of her remaining stops in an effort to get the passengers she had to the aiport as quickly as possible. Even so, we were about 20 mins late (according to the bus schedule). We left ourselves plenty of buffer however and still arrived at the airport an hour before our flight. We passed through security quickly, the flight was on time, we arrived in Sevilla, caught the airport bus to our neck of the woods and were home by 1pm Sevilla time.

A fun trip. It would be fun to go back, rent a car, and drive around to all the different places to hike on Tenerife.

I was going through some of my gopro footage this evening and found this nice panorama of the Teide volcano:

I also found a nice slo-mo of the waves crashing into the rocks along the shore outside of our hotel:


Also along the lines of making movies, there was some location shooting along the river today for some kind of period piece, maybe 19th century. There were a couple of old-style boats, a mock up of a dock, and lots of actors in period costume:

On the other side of the bridge, on the same side of the river, the mounted patrols were keeping order. These two kids had their bags of beer safely out of line of sight, haha: