Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Bean

Another quiet day. Saw this guy at the Mercadona when Laura and I went grocery shopping:

It's cold here in the mornings (relatively speaking), but the afternoons are usually sunny and in the 60's--works for me! I took this picture of the rowers working out on the river after my walk this afternoon:

The clear days make for some pretty colors at sunset. I took this while collecting laundry from the clothesline on the roof:

I continued to work my way through the pastry that Mario and Palma brought us. Part of the tradition of that pastry is that hidden inside is a "king" and a "bean". If you get the king in your slice, then you have good luck throughout the year. If you get the bean, it's bad luck all year. Rachel, damn her, got the king in her first and only piece last weekend. I didn't get anything in my piece yesterday. Today I got the bean. It's cute and ceramic. Hopefully the luck won't be too bad. I'm keeping it: