Sunday, July 8, 2018

Laundry and the other river

We used the clothes washer today for the first time. It's a small front loading Siemens model in the kitchen:
There's no drier, but you don't really need one. There are clotheslines on the roof of our building--each flat has an assigned set of lines. The climate here is so hot and dry the wet clothes dry in under an hour:

After laundry, we took a walk in the very hot afternoon sun and made our way to the banks of the river to our west (our neighborhood is bounded by the canal to our east and the river to our west):
This river was about the same width as the canal, but the banks were wild, not developed:

We walked in a park adjacent to the river. As hot and dry as it was, we were surprised to see these snails living on the trunks of the trees in the park:
Side note about trees, according to Palma, there are 10,000 orange trees in Sevilla:
Right now, the oranges are mostly green, but there are a few ripe ones (there's one in the above pictures, but it's hard to see). Also according to Palma, the smell of the orange blossoms in the spring is wonderful.

Being a predominantly Roman Catholic country, most stores are closed on Sunday. We took an evening walk and found a McDonald's open. I had a caramel sundae and it tasted exactly like those in the US.

Here are a few random things we saw as we walked about today. This oddly painted cement utility cap in the river park to our west:
 This random church:
 This image in tile on an old apartment building:
This image in tile on an old church:
This market inside an old rail station: