Monday, May 27, 2019

Bilbao to Sevilla

We had an early afternoon flight back to Sevilla today from Bilbao. It was grey, cold and rainy in Bilbao as we lifted off. In Sevilla about 90 mins later, it was clear sunny and 35C-a remarkable climate change. Bilbao and northern Spain are beautiful. If I had another year here, I might think about living up there. Everything is so green, hilly and forested.

We took the bus from the aiport. Laura got off early to go to class. I went home, emptied the suitcase, cleaned the house a bit, and went to the gym.

I also made a much-needed trip to the trashcan, but was rewarded with a lovely sunset view of the downtown:


With only a month left here, I need to prioritize some of my projects and see what kind of progress I can make in the next few weeks here.