Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hose It Down

This boat floats around the river in the morning and rinses off every wall, walk, bridge piling and embankment it can reach with its water cannon:

Really, the city does a great job of keeping clean. They have a massive workforce taking care of trash, streets, trees etc. The folks I've seen all seem to take pride in their work. Heck, here it's probably a living wage job (as it should be). Coupled with a national health care system, you see little crime and little homelessness.

Among the other things I noticed this morning as I walked around, this crocheted artwork hanging along the brick embankment on the Sevilla side of the river:
I liked the look of the old bricks in this wall so much that I decided to make them the background image of the blog:
A little further along the river, you meet La Torre del Oro (the tower of gold):
complete with a few palm trees.

I took the trash out this evening and checked on the moon (there's supposed to be a lunar eclipse, but perhaps not visible here, turns out it's tomorrow evening, thanks Kath). Regardless, it was a full moon and very pretty rising above La Torre del Oro:
I also noticed some folks feeding the ducks and geese below the bridge:
 As promised, a day late, here is a video of last night's performers, a band called Alameda. They were pretty talented musically, leaned towards a kind of rock, but with interesting guitar and non-traditional timings. Here's the one song I recorded: